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"Banish Your Belly with an Exercise You Can Do in Five Seconds"

Dear Friend,

You may not believe what you're hearing. The idea may sound preposterous. But it's true.

By faithfully using a five-second isometric-style exercise that can be done virtually anywhere, an exercise called the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener, you may carve a visible set of abs on your body within 90 days. Perhaps sooner.

This exercise can be done virtually anywhere. This means you don't need to take time out of your busy schedule to train. You can simply do this one exercise - even while engaged in other activities. For example, you could do this exercise while sitting at a stop light. You could do it in the shower. You could do it while getting ready to eat. You could do it right NOW - while reading or writing on your computer.

Five Seconds Per Repetition is All it Takes!

In all your years of doing cardio, pumping iron, calisthenics and generally depriving yourself, it's possible no one ever told you that deep breathing isometric-style exercises alone could greatly speed up your metabolism, turning you into a fat burning machine.

Now, imagine that you could get the benefits of fat burning cardio - increased oxygen- without doing cardio? Sounds great, doesn't it?

Or does it?

Don't know about you, but due to my own skepticism about these claims, I decided to do some research. And guess what? To my utter amazement I found that it is a scientific fact that more oxygen in your body equals:

a.) a faster metabolism

b.) greater strength and endurance

c.) improved health and ...

d.) faster weight loss.

In addition to the above, when you do deep breathing exercises the isometric way I teach in my best-selling Combat Abs program, you have better circulation, better digestion and an increased ability to handle stress. You have a feeling of calmness and well-being. You look younger, feel better, have a sharper mind ... not to mention greater energy.

Now that's a lot of benefits, don't you think?

Those reasons alone were enough for me to create this program for you - but there's more.

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Learn What to Eat and What NOT to Eat

In addition to the deep breathing benefits - the Combat Abs course is unique because it gives you details about the amazing Furey Fat Loss Program - a program that helps you lose weight without losing strength and without totally depriving yourself. I created it in 1997, on the road to winning a world title in Beijing, China. This program teaches you exactly what to eat and ... just as important, what NOT to eat - and it works!

In Combat Abs I also teach you a series of abdominal exercises you can do, get this, while standing on your feet. I was told that old-time boxers, wrestlers and martial artists had better abs than the athletes of today and they did so without crunches and other lie-down abdominal exercises that most people find boring. And it's true.

Strong Man Otto Arco trained his abs with his entire body as one unit Strong Man Otto Arco trained his abs with his entire body as one unit. "You hear all these fitness trainers railing against any abdominal exercise in which the hip flexors or psoas gets worked," I wrote previously. "In theory, it sounds good. But these trainers are forgetting that your abdominal muscles work as a unit WITH your body. You can isolate your abs from time to time - but building a whole philosophy around muscle isolation is dumb. If you want to get the best results from an abdominal exercise program, you've got to think whole body - not just abs, abs, abs."

If you'll do your own research you'll find these so-called "great abs" legends of yesteryear. And you'll discover that Otto Arco, Maxick, George Hackenschmidt, Charles Atlas, Earle Liederman, Eugen Sandow, Arthur Saxon, George F. Jowett, Lionel Strongfort and many others were in phenomenal condition. You'll be stunned.
Fitness pioneer Maxick developed powerful abs WITHOUT crunches Fitness pioneer Maxick developed powerful abs WITHOUT crunches.

When you receive Combat Abs in the mail, it's quite alright if you rip open the package and get started right away.

The Secrets to Lean, Ripped Abs Revealed

Combat Abs is filled with so much valuable information that I made the following list for you so you can quickly see all the reasons why owning this course is a good idea. For example, you will learn ...
  • The difference between conditioned muscles and counterfeit muscles - and how one burns fat and helps you lose weight while the other is a waste of time!

  • The exact exercises that harden your abdominal muscles faster than anything else in the world!

  • A deep breathing isometric that tightens and tones your abdominals muscles within days, while increasing metabolism and improving digestion!

  • Why the "ripped abs" look, although desirable, does not necessarily mean you are healthy, or that you are functionally fit!

  • Abdominal exercises that strengthen and purify your internal organs - and how this aids in losing weight and excess flab!

  • Secrets of training the transverses and external obliques, the muscles that "suck in your gut" for you, whether you like it or not!

  • The abdominal exercises you MUST do to ensure a healthy lower back and the precise exercises that eliminate lower back pain!

  • Why the "crunches" mentality of ab training is a crock!

  • An abdominal exercise that massages and strengthens your internal organs, making weight loss much, much easier!

  • An exercise from "tai chi" and how this one exercise realigns the vertebrae of your spine from top to bottom, ridding you of lower back pain while simultaneously helping to increase circulation to your vital organs!

  • The seven exercises you can do for your abs every morning when you get up that will strengthen your entire core and make it easy to reduce your waistline!

  • Why fat can only accumulate on the area of your body where there is the least amount of activity!

  • 12 basic exercises that hit every muscle in your midsection, giving you a set of rock hard abs!

  • The single best exercise for your abs, that also benefits your spine, buttocks, hips and internal organs!

  • 16 Intermediate exercises that will give even the seasoned veteran a run for his money!

  • 11 super advanced exercises that are perfect for combat athletes, martial artists or all-around fitness fanatics!

  • The exercises that make your abs so rock-solid tough that you'll laugh when punched in the midsection. It won't hurt at all!

  • Six exercises that sculpt ultra-powerful and defined abs even though you think you're working some other muscle group!

  • The Furey Fat Loss Program and how it leads to rapid and healthy weight loss!

  • Is planned splurging a great idea?

  • The secret to setting, and most importantly, achieving, all your health and fitness goals!

  • Should you or shouldn't you keep track of your progress - and what happens to your level of focus and desire when you do?

  • How much water you should drink each day!

  • The truth about diet sodas revealed! Do they or don't they help you lose weight?

  • The truth about water fasting or "juice fasting" revealed!

  • The meaning behind the Paul Bragg saying, "Your waistline is your lifeline."

  • and much more ...

A Great Set of Abs Awaits You

If you've come this far with me, one thing is for certain, you probably want a set of rock-hard abs and a powerful yet lean waistline. So you're now faced with one of two choices:

1. Stop reading, surf the net or watch tee-vee. Do nothing for yourself and remain unsatisfied with your appearance.

2. Order your copy of Combat Abs today and change your life for the better.

I certainly hope you go for option #2 because doing so will give you the waistline, the abs, the pride and the power that you really want and deserve.

An Irish proverb says, "Just nodding your head won't row the boat." Emblazon that message in your heart and follow the fitness program in Combat Abs. As you take action these exercises will burn the fat off your midsection and change your life for the better.

Combat Abs is normally $39.95 plus S&H. But right now, as part of a special marketing test, you can get it for only $29.95 plus S&H (a savings of $10.00).

Order Combat Abs right now and save. Simply click the secure shopping cart button below. Or call (813) 994 8267 to place your order on our secure voice mail. Visa, MC, Amex, Discover accepted.

matt furey

P.S. This program will help you lose weight and reduce your waistline. It will improve your digestion. It will also help rid you of lower back pain and physical weakness. And it will give you rock-hard sculpted abdominal muscles that are the envy of friends and family.

Combat Abs - $29.95 plus $8 S&H.

combat abs fat loss

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