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Deep Breathing and Dynamic Power

Dear Friend,

A few months ago I spent time with a health care professional who really knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition.

Truth is, he probably knows too much. I say this because he doesn't have a lick of fat on his body - yet, he doesn't have anything for muscle, either.

Being lean is a goal for many people. But in and of itself, being lean is undesireable.

Here's why: A lot of very lean people think they're healthier than others because they don't have much body fat; yet these same weenies have very little LIFE FORCE. They have almost zero power.

Much of this can be gauged from a simple handshake.

When a weenie shakes your hand pay attention to what you feel. No, I am not checking to see if he can or cannot crush your hand. That only tells you how strong he is. What I'm checking for is the level of vibrancy or electricity in the person's hand.

Case in point is the health care guy I mentioned. When I shook his hand he gave a fairly firm handshake. But there was no electricity. In fact, his hands sent out sort of a numb and chilly energy. That's saying a lot when it's 100 degrees out, don't you think.

At another time the guy put his hand on my shoulder to make a point about nutrition. Once again, the hand was darn near lifeless. Might as well have put a skeleton's hand on me. It didn't feel much different.

So you might wonder, why is this. How can someone who eats nothing but the perfect diet and does a ton of cardio, running, cycling, etc. - be so devoid of vibrant power.

There are many reasons but the soundest one of all is as follows: The guy doesn't do deep breathing exercises. When you breathe deeply and fully and do so from various stances and positions, you quickly change the vibration level of your mind and body.

Matt Furey has a DAILY Politically Incorrect fitness tip for you!

Yesterday I had a group of men in for some coaching. I taught them some deep breathing exercises and we did them together for a few minutes. Afterward they felt energy running up and down their spines, tingling sensations in their hands and heat coming from the bottoms of their feet.

Two hours after we did the exercise they were still feeling the effects.

These men learned the meaning of the Farmer Burns saying, "Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man well and many a weak man strong."

He was right.

You cannot ONLY eat your way to vibrant health. That's like putting fuel in a tank and never starting the engine. Exercise is king - but it's got to be the right kind of exercise - not just anything. And especially not long-distance running.

I have nothing against long-distance running. If that is a person's goal I am all for him. But I will point out the truth, unless you're balancing your running with powerful bodyweight exercises, like those taught in Combat Conditioning as well as the Dynamic Stretching and Deep Breathing as taught in Combat Stretching all I can say is you're running down the wrong road.

It's a good idea to get on the right road with the right program.

By the way, I'll be making an announcement very, very soon about my "Secret of Secrets" Universal Health, Strength and Power Seminar, to be held in January of 2006. You won't want to miss this announcement because I'm going to teach material that I have never taught before - and yes, that includes deep breathing and the cultivation of vital power and energy. Stay tuned.

Kick Butt - Take Names!

Matt furey
Matt Furey

P.S. You can find what you want to meet all your health and fitness needs, and a whole lot more here.

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