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Dear Friend,

The emails on "Dying to Be Strong" just keep rolling in. It seems that way too many people have a story about a friend, colleague, or somebody they knew at the gym that just dropped dead before they were 35 years old. They all had one thing in common. They all lifted heavy weight, and they all used steroids. Most of them never admitted taking steroids until the autopsy proved it so.

I got one particularly moving letter from a woman in California who told the story of a good friend who denied steroid use even after 2 heart attacks. He only admitted his use of junk when confronted with the fact that if he died he was never going to see his daughter again. And to top it off, he was an M.D. He just loved the way he looked, and was apparently willing to die until somebody hit him with a baseball bat.
Dear Matt,

You guys are doing a great job warning people about weight training being dangerous, and that "Roids" will kill you. Your last letter should be posted in every gym in the country.

I was a natural bodybuilder before a severe auto accident, and am chomping at the bit to get started with your program Combat Conditioning as soon as my doctor clears me.

My brother, (a doctor), told me years ago when I started lifting that steroids will build your muscles in a "Frankenstein kind of way - just keep in mind that your heart is a muscle - Do you want Frankenstein's heart?"

He spent hours explaining the physiology of what steroids do to me. That's all I needed.

Stay in the Roid-Boys faces, and keep up the good work.

Jim Skora

Matt Furey has a DAILY Politically Incorrect fitness tip for you!

M.F.: Thanks for a great letter, and make sure you thank your brother again. He sounds like a stand up guy to me.

Here's a note from Susan:
Hi Matt,

Thanks for your inspirational routine about the 200 yard hill sprint which incorporates Combat Abs or the Royal Court at the top or bottom of the hill.

I live in hot Ohio and can't find a hill worthy of your description, so I have improvised using the 3 flights of stairs in my home in between 1 to 2 exercises. It certainly is the major sweat routine you promised. In fact, I divide it into 2 workouts.

M.F.: Improvise, adapt, and overcome. That's the spirit of Combat Conditioning, and Combat Abs.

Greg from Arizona writes:

What about human growth hormone? What is your view on this?
M.F.: Greg, for an answer to your question, go to the website of my good friend Dr. Dave Woynarowski. You can find him here. there is information on human growth hormone on his site. You can also email him at that address with that kind of question.

Kick butt - take names.

matt furey
Matt Furey

P.S. Patti Davis writes that on NPR (National Public Radio), Howard Bryant, author of "Juicing the Game," talked about the impact of steroids on baseball. He said that steroids overdevelop your muscles at the expense of your joints. He said one of the team physicians reported on more muscle and joint injuries in the five years (1995 - 2000) when steroids were rampant, than he had seen in the previous 35 years total. Goes to show why I've previously written that bodybuilders, especially those on the juice, are the easiest to injure in the sport of wrestling. One time, some years ago, I tossed a guy who was ripped to shreds - and whilst he was flying through the air, he injured himself. He was hurt BEFORE he hit the ground. Go figure.

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