Hindu Push-ups V. Dive Bomber Pushups
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Hindu Push-ups v. Dive Bomber Push-ups ... Which Is Better?

One of the biggest myths about Hindu push-ups (also known as dand) is that they are the same as the Dive Bomber Push-up, often done in the military. Not true at all.

Many years ago, before I learned the proper form for Hindu push-ups, I thought they were the same, too. And my ignorance was bliss until I fell under the guiding eye and thunderous voice of Karl Gotch.

Even though I have taught the proper form for Hindu Push-ups in my Combat Conditioning book and videos - and even though hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are now doing this style of push-up, including the military, the myth still persists. In fact, one of those bothersome Frequently Asked Questions is, "When I do Hindu push-ups, do I bend my arms again after finishing the first part of the movement, or do I just push back to the start?"

The answer is: You simply push back to the start. You do NOT bend your arms a second time.

Therein lies the primary difference between the dand and the Dive-Bomber. When doing dive-bomber push-ups, you bend your arms in the first part of the movement and once again in the second. No doubt, bending twice does cause more arm pump - but don't be misled into thinking that this makes them better than Hindu push-ups. Not a chance.

Although the dive-bomber is a great way to do push-ups, it is lacking because:

a. You don't get as much back bend. This means you will not improve flexibility with this style of pushup.

b. Your shoulders do not go through the same range of motion. Again, this results in less flexiblity improvement. And, it also results in less overall development of the shoulder muscles.

c. Last of all, because the range of motion of the dive bomber is limited, there is far less benefit to the body's internal organs as well as less spiritual development. When you perform Hindu push-ups correctly, just like the downward and upward dog poses from Yoga, you open up the body's channels to receive more life force.

The above may sound a bit strange to you, but anyone who has done Hindu push-ups for an extended period of time will tell you that they not only promote strength, endurance and flexibility - but peace of mind and a deep feeling of "connectedness" as well.

This is why it is critically important when doing the dand that you don't just focus on your muscles. Although you can and do get stronger from the Hindu push-up, never forget that the focus is not bodybuilding.

You know what I mean when I speak of bodybuilding, don't you? It's that greased up, shaved chest, flared lats, tanning booth bronzed skin, mirror-gazer sort of posed look. If you want to be a bodybuilder - go pump iron, take 'roids and get a mirror large enough to see yourself from every angle and direction. And in case someone is looking, be sure to flex and strut.

On the other hand, if you want functional strength and real internal power - focus your awareness on your breathing and a whole new universe will be revealed to you.

In Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning program he goes into much more detail on how to do Hindu Pushups.

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