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How to Improve Flexibility Fast

Dear Friend,

Today I'm going to give you three quick yet mercilessly powerful tips on how you can improve your flexibility fast, no matter what your cotton-pickin age.

Here goes:

1. When you stretch, breathe deeply and fully. Fill your lungs to full capacity. Inhale all the way down so you're filling the lower lungs. Inhale even more so that you can feel your rib cage and your chest expand.

If you put your hand on your pecs (or chest) you should be able to feel it expand on the inhale.

Now, once you've held the inhale for a few seconds, relax and let it go. Doing this will let go of physical and mental stress and help you relax more deeply into each stretch.

2. Once you've done some deep breathing for the lungs, now let's do some for the muscles. In fact, let's do something that is supposedly physiologically impossible. Let's breathe right into the muscle we're stretching. For example, if you're stretching your hamstrings, let's inhale into the hamstring. Just imagine doing so and you'll feel the difference.

No, you do not have "lungs" in your hamstrings. But if your intent is to direct your inhale into your hamstrings, believe me now and listen to me later, you'll feel the difference. Your hamstring will begin to relax and upon each exhale, the muscles will unlock and give your more elasticity.

3. Good job. You've done number one and two, now you have one of two choices - both of which I teach, depending on the situation. The first is that you can contract and relax the muscle you're stretching. Flex the muscle for several seconds, then relax and voila - you instantly can go further than before. I teach this is my Combat Stretching course.

The second choice involves simply giving your muscles the command to "relax."

It follows the idea of telling yourself what to do via autosuggestion.

This principle can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to increase strength, endurance, power and speed. It can even be used to improve your health, your appearance and how you age.

No, it's not mere affirmations. It's programming your body to do what you want via a combination of deep breathing, relaxing, flexing and effective commands that bypass the conscious mind giving you instantaneous and rapid results.

Now, if you've liked what you've just read and think it's great - you ain't seen or heard nothing yet. Here's why:

Matt Furey has a DAILY Politically Incorrect fitness tip for you!

In my January seminar in Tampa, Florida - namely the Universal Health, Strength and Power seminar, I am going to go way beyond what you've just read. In fact, I (as well as everyone else I'm having present) is going to present NEW information that cannot be found in any of our previous courses - nor in anyone else's that we can find. How's that for a challenge.

It's true. And to make it even more important for you to get a seat at this seminar and see it LIVE - please understand that this seminar will NEVER be released to the public. It is truly a private, closed-door event. And the only way you can learn what we're teaching is to BE THERE. Period.

I promise you that the first evening of the seminar alone will deliver more than what you paid. Tis a Furey trademark as I believe in going the extra mile, giving more value than what you invested.

Today is the last day that you can enroll in this seminar at the lowest amount advertised. After today the amount will creep upwards. And it will creep upwards daily. Each day that you procrastinate (and please, it's always better to move forward) will have a price attached to it. I'd rather not punish you for being a fence-sitter - so please, enroll today and get the best opportunity imaginable.

There's just no excuse in the world that justifies missing this seminar. So go here and enroll NOW.

Kick Butt - Take Names!

Matt furey
Matt Furey

P.S. Yesterday so many seats were nabbed that I don't know how much longer this seminar offer will even be available. It will not take place a second time in 2006. It will not repeat ever again. This is your chance. This is your opportunity for greatness. Seize the day. Seize this opportunity. NOW. Gallop on over to the seminar sign-up page here and make a positive change in your life that you'll never regret.

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