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The Karl Gotch Workout

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Dear Friend,

Before I first met Karl Gotch in April of 1999, I had read about the tremendous fitness, strength and health benefits of Hindu Pushups and Hindu Squats. But I had never met anyone who did them regularly - or who knew exactly how to do them.

All that changed when I met Karl Gotch. He knew these exercises like the back of his hand. He learned them in England from an Indian wrestler in the 1950's - and he was hooked.

Karl Gotch traveled all over the world as a professional wrestler. He was one of the few of his time who truly knew how to wrestle. But just as important to Karl was the conditioning routine he followed and believed in. And so, no matter where he traveled he looked for and added in new exercises.


It's the first thing to go as you age. But it doesn't have to. Friend, don't neglect your flexibility. Gotta keep those joints and muscles loose and limber. All it takes is a few minutes each day and. You literally can double your flexibility in one evening. Combat Stretching will show you how. To remove those awful kinks, knots and cramps, sprint on over here.


One of the greatest Karl Gotch workouts is something that Karl's students in Japan named after him. It is known, quite simply, as the Karl Gotch Bible. You'll find it on pages 126-127 in the newly revised edition of Combat Conditioning.

Those who have Combat Conditioning are making a grave mistake if they overlook this workout. Many of my students have written to tell me that this workout alone got them into the best shape of their life.

What is the Karl Gotch Bible?

Matt Furey has a DAILY Politically Incorrect fitness tip for you!

Good question. The Karl Gotch Bible is nothing more than a deck of 52 playing cards. You get down on the floor, shuffle the cards and deal one to yourself. Then, depending upon what color of card you get, and what is on the card, you do a prescribed number of Hindu pushups or Hindu squats. And you keep going until you're through the entire deck.

Once you're able to go through the entire deck, you then think speed. How fast can you rip through the exercises in the Karl Gotch Bible?

To say this workout is challenging would be an understatement.

It will turn you into a stud - or a studette. Works for men and women alike.

In the past I told you about doing the Dan Gable pushup workout with a deck of cards. That's a great routine, too. But I have to rank the Karl Gotch workout as shown in Combat Conditioning much higher because it involves both upper and lower body.

By the way, many people mistakenly think that Karl Gotch is related in some way to the legendary Frank Gotch, who was world champion in the early 1900's. Not the case. Karl Gotch's given name is Karl Istaz. He took the name Karl Gotch when he made his mark here in the United States.

Others speculate, in a REAL pro wrestling match, who do I think would win?

Well, can't say I'm unbiased. Afterall, I never had the pleasure of meeting Frank. And I spent a couple years with Karl when he was way past his prime. Not only that it's sort of an unfair question. You can only wonder who would beat whom.

But I will say this, if I HAD to make a choice, I'd put my money on Karl. I personally believe he was the best real pro wrestler ever. End of statement.

Well, my friend, that's all for now.

Kick ass - Take Names!
matt furey

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