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The Royal Court

Learn the critical details on
Hindu squats, Hindu Pushups and the Bridge.

by Matt Furey

If you own a copy of "Combat Conditioning" - but are still a bit confused, even slightly unsure about all the details of The Royal Court, then this 20-minute exercise video is for you.

On it I go into elaborate detail on each of the three exercises that comprise the Royal Court: Hindu pushups, Hindu squats and bridging. You will learn:
  • The proper timing and speed of the exercises and how this makes a big difference in results.

  • When to breathe in and out on Hindu squats and pushups and how focusing on your breathing gives you vital power.

  • How to swing your arms during the squats and why you aren't "bouncing" out of the bottom position.

  • Why Hindu squats strengthen the tendons and ligaments of the knee rather than injuring them.

  • The proper positioning of hands and feet when doing Hindu pushups.

  • How to position your hands if you have shoulder pain.

  • The right way to begin bridging.

  • How to breathe when you bridge and how this method gave me the ability to not only hold for three minutes with ease, but to only take 9 complete breaths the entire time.

  • When to begin bridging without hands.

  • Why bridging is NOT compressing your vertebrae and WHY IT strengthens your neck, back, buttocks, hips, abdominals and legs.

  • Why bridging helps eliminate back pain so quickly.
This highly focused and detail oriented video is only $29.95 plus $6 S&H U.S. Order right now and be certain that your form is absolutely perfect.

NEW Video: The Royal Court - $29.95 + $6 S&H.

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