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"Unrevealed Secrets of Man" changed my life for the better

"How a 1928 Book Catapulted Me to a World Championship ... and Gave Me the Courage to Build a Thriving Business"

George F. Jowett- one of the strongest men that ever lived

In 1928 George F. Jowett, one of the strongest men who ever lived, wrote on the subject of Mind Power as it relates to fitness, health, wealth and strength. As you read his words for the first time, you will think to yourself, "He wrote this in 1928??? My Goodness. Why didn't I hear these life-changing words until NOW?"

Dear Friend,

Back in 1996 I received a gift in the mail from a customer who had greatly benefited from my teachings. He was 89 years old at the time, and was still going strong (still is today, too), running sprints, lifting weights, riding horses and practicing marksmanship.

And to show appreciation for the contributions he believed I had made to his life, he sent me some original copies of some old-time classics that he figured I had more use for than he did. One of these classics came in two volumes that were 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches each, with a navy blue hard-back cover and gold lettering. The ripped, heavily muscled figure of a "thinking" man was embossed on the front. Beneath him was a golden flame - and from that you saw rays of light surrounding him.

Then, the title of the book: UNREVEALED SECRETS of MAN by George F. Jowett.

I remember sitting at my desk, reading it out loud, and shaking my head at how profound it was. I remember calling my friend Brooks Kubik (author of Dinosaur Training), and going over various passages with him. Like myself, Brooks was stunned. To encounter someone like Jowett, who had the guts to write what he did, so long ago, much less today.

I can't say I agree with everything Jowett writes in this book. In fact, when I first read it, some of the material "rattled my cage." And so, if you're easily offended or have strong beliefs that you never want to see questioned - I don't think Jowett is for you. You know, I've made a good living being a person who says most of what he thinks - but Jowett had me beat by a long shot, several decades ago. You get the impression that he says EVERYTHING that he thinks. Not just most.

As fate (or some such thing) would have it, when I was training for the Shuai-chiao kung fu world championships in 1997, I felt a voice within urging me to read the book again. Determined to find anything that could give me the edge, I dove back into it with a deep yearning and enthusiasm. Once I started I couldn't stop. It wasn't even the same book I thought I had read a year before. Yet it was.

This time I finished both volumes in one sitting - and from that moment on, I was never the same.

When I trained, I no longer looked at my body as a physical instrument. I saw it as something much more magnificent. I was completely sold on Jowett's belief that your muscles are your slaves, and will do for you whatever you want them to do - but only when you understand how the connection between mind and body is made.

For Jowett, not only did he go from being a sick, weakly, near death child to a strongman - but it is said that he could grab a 165 pound anvil, by the horn, with one hand, and lift it off the ground and press it overhead.

Some of those I have talked to have said this is impossible. But in my talks with Vic Boff, who worked with Jowett for many years, and who personally knew all the old-time strongmen and fitness pioneers; including but not limited to The Mighty Atom (Boff traveled with Atom), Charles Atlas, Earle Liederman, Paul Bragg, Bernar MacFadden and Bob Hoffman - he said the following:

"I remember going out to Jowett's home when he was an older man and far from being in shape compared to his younger years - and he lifted that anvil and pressed it overhead with ease."

Now think of this if you're still a skeptic: How is it that a little old lady, with no training, can command her muscles to lift a 6,000 pound car off someone who is pinned beneath it? How can she do that?

The Mighty Atom found the answer to this question - and he went on to do things that seem like a fairytale. Including pulling a row of cars down the street by his hair; pounding a nail into a piece of wood with a palm strike, then biting it out of the wood with his teeth, and ... biting harder still, snapping the nail in half (I actually have the video footage of him doing this).

I believe Jowett knew the answer as well. I believe he knew precisely how to channel his mind into his 520 "muscle slaves," and have them do what he desired.

The key however, is not what The Mighty Atom could do, what Jowett could do, or what the little old lady could do. The key is "What Can You Do?"

I found what I was capable of when reading UNREVEALED SECRETS of MAN.

Will you?

I believe so.


For a limited time it is available for only $29.95.

Jump on this today.


P.S. Since winning the world title in 1997, I have kept UNREVEALED SECRETS of MAN on the very top of my desk and it's there to stay. That's how much I value it. You will, too.

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