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Matt Furey

Matt Furey

Hello My Friend,
If you want to improve your physical appearance, get out of pain, increase your strength, flexibility and endurance, and quite possibly drop some extra poundage from your frame, then this website may have what you’re looking for.
Before you look around, though, give me a few seconds to brag about myself…
My name is Matt Furey. I’m the best-selling author of Combat Conditioning, Combat Stretching, Power Postures and a ho bunch of other butt-kicking, fat-burning, muscle-molding products. I have helped millions of people from all over this whirld (as I prefer to call it), achieve their personal health and fitness as well as their career goals, with the most incredible self-development and self-publishing products ever created.
Thus far my books and courses have reached more than 141 countries.. and I'm just getting warmed up. I’ve been at this enterprise of helping people such as yourself, "get more living out of life," since 1995, when I came out with my first products.
To say I am truly interested in seeing you achieve your health, wealth, strength and fitness goals would be an understatement. And if you want to improve your skills in sports or martial arts, keep in mind that I'm a national collegiate wrestling champion (1985), a world shuai-chiao kung fu champion (1997) and a certified martial arts master and guru (not a ga-roo, as I often say), who has worked with high school, collegiate and professional athletes of nearly every make and model.
With the above in mind, isn’t it a good idea to take a look around this website (I won’t twist your arm)? As you do so, take note of the many life-changers I have in store for you. If you have any questions about what you should order first, you can write me personally here
Matt Furey
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